Working for ALDI SOUTH IT

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This is an ALDI SOUTH website.

ALDI SOUTH is a food retailer.

This means we sell food in our shops.

ALDI SOUTH has almost  7 thousand shops in  11  countries.
The internet connects all of our shops to our head office.
There is very modern information technology in all of our shops.
Things like 

  • computers,
  • computer tills,
  • computer scales,
  • computer networks,
  • phone systems. 

The short name for information technology is IT.

ALDI SOUTH is a large group of companies.
One company from this group is ALDI SOUTH IT.
We take care of the IT at the head office and in our shops.
We take care of the IT at ALDI SOUTH in Germany.
We also take care of the IT at ALDI SOUTH in other countries.

ALDI SOUTH IT always needs people who are good at IT.

We have many careers and jobs.

This website can help you find a job at ALDI SOUTH.

You can also find information about the employer ALDI SOUTH IT. 

Here, we tell you about our website

Our website has  6  main parts:

  1. 1) Start page:
    This page tells you basic facts about ALDI SOUTH IT.
  2. 2) IT employer ALDI SOUTH:
    This page tells you what is special about ALDI SOUTH IT as an employer.
  3. 3) Types of jobs at ALDI SOUTH:
    Find the right job at ALDI SOUTH.
  4. 4) News at ALDI SOUTH:
    This page has news, stories, events, and more.
    This page has everything you can learn with us.
  5. 5) What you need to know about job applications at ALDI SOUTH:
    This page tells you how to apply for a job at ALDI SOUTH IT.
    For example:
    What do you need if you want to apply for a job at ALDI SOUTH IT?
    And what happens after you apply for a job at ALDI SOUTH IT? 
  6. 6) Find jobs:
    This page helps you find jobs at ALDI SOUTH IT.
    You can read about the jobs.
    And you can apply directly for a job.

Our website is also available in German.

We use many images, videos, and drawings. 

In many places, we also use special things.
Like images that move.
Or rows where you can click on them and open something.
And other things. 

We call these things functions.

You can also read our website without the functions.
We use the reading view for this.
To read the website without the functions, press the  F9  key on your keyboard.

Your computer can also read the texts on the pages out loud.
To do this, press the  CTRLSHIFT,  and  U  keys at the same time.

This page tells you the most important information about all  6  areas.


If you want to work with us, you have to apply.

You can apply online on this website.

“Online” means “on the internet”.

You can find all of the jobs in the job search.

You can apply for all of the jobs that you find there.

Search for a job

First, you have to click on “Find jobs”.

Then you will see a list of all jobs.

You can filter the list. 

“Filter” means:
You can say that you only want to see jobs for one area.

On the left side there is a list. 
The list has boxes you can click.
This is the filter list.

You can click things like:

Jobs for 

  • [...] Experienced professionals – These are people who have already worked somewhere else.
  • [...] School pupils
  • [...] Students and graduates – These are people who are still in training. Or who have just finished their training.


You click on [...] School pupils on the left.
Then only the jobs for school pupils are listed on the right.

Maybe you like more than one of the areas in the list.
If you do, you can click on more than one of the areas.
Then only the jobs from these areas are listed on the right.

Here is an example:

You click on [...] Data & Analytics on the left.
Then only the jobs from the Data & Analytics area are listed on the right.

If you want to see all of the jobs again, click on [Reset filter].

Please note:
There are many IT words in the filter list and in the jobs.

The IT words are all technical words.
People who know about IT have heard these technical words.
Then they also know what the word means.

Do you like one of the jobs?

Then you can apply for the job on the internet.

To apply for the job, click on the job.

How to apply online

When you click on a job,

then you will see an “Apply now” field.

When you click on the “Apply now” field,

then an applicant form opens.

You fill out our applicant form.

You upload your application documents.

And send us the application.

That is all you need to do!

If you have any problems sending your application, please use our contact form. You can send us a message with the contact form.

Application documents

When you apply for a job to work with us,

we need some documents from you.

Career starters and experienced professionals: 

“Career starters” are people who are starting their first job.
“Experienced professionals” are people who have worked somewhere before.

  • Tabular CV
  • Final certificate from your last school or from your training.
  • “Final certificate” means the last report paper from your school. The report paper says you are done with school.
  • Interim certificate if you do not have your final certificate yet.
  • “Interim certificate” means the report paper you received from your school.
  • The report paper says you are still in school.
  • References from your employer.
  • “References” means your employer writes a letter about the job you did.
  • Certificates of attendance for the courses you took.
    “Certificates of attendance” means the paper that tells
    about the courses you took.
    The paper also tells when you took the course.

School pupils:

  • Tabular CV
  • Final certificate from your school.
    “Final certificate” means the last report paper you received
    from your school.
  • Interim certificate if you do not have your final certificate yet.
    “Interim certificate” means the report paper you received from your school.

You do not need to include a letter.

Tabular means:

Your CV looks like a table.

The table only has the most important information.

For example, the tabular CV says:

What schools did you attend?
What school-leaving certificate do you have?
What job did you learn?
Where did you work?
How long did you work there?

You can upload your documents in the application form.

You can upload PDF files.

You can upload DOC or DOCX files.

All files together must be less than  10  MB  in size.

What happens now?

When we receive your application,

we send you an e-mail. 

The e-mail says that we got your application.

This is called: confirmation of receipt.

We look at your application.

Then you get a message from us within  2  weeks.


Check regularly to see if you have any new e-mails.

If we like your application,

then we would like to meet you.

Then we invite you to an interview.

The interview can be at our office or at one of our shops.
Or the interview can be a video interview.

A video interview is a job interview on a mobile phone.
Or a tablet.

Or a computer.

Please think about some things before your interview:

What will you wear?

What will you ask us?

We will ask you some questions.

You can answer these questions in the interview.

After that, we contact you as soon as possible.

If you like ALDI SOUTH.

If we like you.

Then you can soon start working at ALDI SOUTH.

You sign the employment contract.
And start the training.

Working at ALDI SOUTH IT

ALDI SOUTH is a strong company.
And ALDI SOUTH is a modern company.
We always think about the future.
A modern company also needs modern IT.
At our head office.
For our employees.
And in our shops.
All over the world. 

At ALDI SOUTH IT, we are a strong team.
We think that good teamwork and talking to each other are important.
The people in our company get along well.
Everyone is friendly with each other.
It does not matter if you are a boss or not.
Or a co-worker.
We always work well together.
And of course there has to be fun. 

Things that are important to us because we want people
to enjoy working for us

  1. 1) Modern and exciting technology
    At ALDI SOUTH IT, we do a lot of exciting projects.
    All over the world.
    Sometimes you have to do things that you have not done before.
    But that is not a problem for us.
    We have the right tools.
    And good partners.
    For example, companies like SAP, Adobe, and Salesforce
    are good partners for us.
    Together we figure out how to do things.
    Even if it is sometimes difficult.
    We always think about what our customers want.
    We think about what our shops need.
    We want to make our customers and our employees happy.
    That is what we are working for. 
  2. 2) Team spirit and working together
    All of the people in the company are one big team.
    Everyone works well together.
    They are kind to each other.
    They help each other.
    That is called team spirit.
    The whole company has team spirit.
    The smaller teams in the company have team spirit.
    This means that all of us work well together.
    All teams all over the world work well together.

    Every employee is important.
    We support our employees.
    We make them strong.
    You will be important, too.
    You can learn new things at ALDI.
    And you can get better.
    You will have nice work co-workers.
    We all call each other by our first names.
    Even our managers and the bosses.
    We have fun at work.
    And we also like to meet after work.

    ALDI SOUTH IT works all over the world.
    We work closely with co-workers from other countries.

    Do you want to start working with us?
    We will find the best way to get you ready for the job.
    At the beginning, every new employee has a special contact person.
    We call the person our “buddy”.
    Your buddy is there for you.

    Do you have your own ideas for new projects?
    We listen to you.
    And let you do it.
  3. 3) Encouraging employees and rewarding good work
    Teamwork is very important at ALDI SOUTH IT.
    But every single employee is important to us, too.
    We want you to feel at home with us.
    But you should also learn.
    And get better.
    And get ahead.

    We encourage our employees.
    That means: We help them.
    We help our employees with modern technology.
    With courses to learn new things.
    With programmes for their health.
    And with much more.

    Most importantly, we treat each other with respect.
    This means: We are friendly and polite.
    We listen to each other.
    And everyone can say what they think.
    This is how we achieve the things we want to achieve.
  4. 4) We are a secure employer, but we still try new things
    ALDI SOUTH is a strong company.
    And a secure employer.
    We can try out many new ideas in IT.
    And start many new projects.
    This is also good for our employees.
    We take care of our employees.
    And offer them a secure workplace.

Where we work

We have some offices in Mülheim an der Ruhr.
An office in Duisburg.
And an office in Düsseldorf.
But we can work anywhere in Germany.
This means: With mobile phones and laptops, we can work anywhere.
That is what we call FutureWork.

FutureWork means: We can work together in the office.
We can also work together on the internet.
We can work anywhere.
We let our employees work where they want.
This helps them.
For example, if employees have small children.
Or if an employee wants to work somewhere else for a while.
Employees can decide some things together with their manager: 

  • Where the employee wants to work. 
  • How many hours the employee wants to work. 
  • And when the employee wants to work. 

At FutureWork, trust is very important.
And modern IT.
We use Microsoft 365 programs and technology.

We also want to make our offices even better.
So that the teams there can work together even better.


Benefits are what you get with us:

  • Mobile working in Germany.
    That means you can work with your mobile phone and laptop.
    No matter where you are. 
  • Flexible working hours.
    This means that you do not have fixed working hours.
    You can start sooner or later every day.
    Or take a break whenever you want.
    Or even stop a little earlier.
    For example, if you have to go to the doctor. 
  • Modern technology.
  • A good salary, a holiday bonus, and a Christmas bonus.
  • Courses to learn new things.
  • Personalised training and a buddy.
  • Health programmes.
  • Other things to help you.
    For example: eating in the canteen.
    Cheaper prices at the gym.
    And more.

Our teams

More than  2,000  employees work at ALDI SOUTH IT.
There are  3  ALDI SOUTH IT companies.
5  business units.
About  20  large departments and more than  500  teams.

The  4  main teams at ALDI SOUTH IT are:

  • 1) SAP
    SAP is a company.
    SAP makes computer programs for other companies.
    The programs from SAP make many jobs in the companies faster and easier. 

    The ALDI SOUTH offices and shops also use SAP computer programs.
    All over the world.
    This means that the ALDI SOUTH offices and shops can work well together. Anywhere in the world. 

    SAP is the most important partner for ALDI SOUTH IT.
  • 2) IT Architecture
    ALDI SOUTH has many offices and shops.
    And employees with laptops.
    All employees use computers, mobile phones, and other devices.
    And all employees must work well together.
    All over the world.
    For that, they need the internet.
    The right equipment.
    And the right computer programs.
    That is what our IT Architects do.
  • 3) Customer communication
    Customers get information from ALDI SOUTH.
    For example, from our leaflets or the internet.
    Customers get e-mails from ALDI SOUTH.
    Or customers send e-mails to ALDI SOUTH.
    This is called customer interaction.
    Our customers use smartphones, laptops, and computers for this.
    Or other modern IT.
    For example, screens in our shops.
    We want our customers to get information from us quickly and easily.
    No matter where the customers are.
    And the information must not be boring either.
  • 4) Data and reports
    People are different.
    They look for different information.
    They buy different things.
    This is important information for ALDI SOUTH.
    That is why we collect data and information.
    For example, what our customers buy.
    Or what information our customers are looking for.
    We look at the data.
    And think: What does the data mean?
    How can this data help us?
    The data helps us always have the right offers for our customers.
    All over the world.
    You can also say: we study the data.
    And learn things from the data. 


Data protection

Data protection is important to us.

Your data is safe with us.

We look after your data.

So that nothing gets lost.

Only certain people are allowed to read your data.

For all other people, your data is secret.