Combine theory from your studies with practice

Whether it's a bachelor's or master's thesis, an internship or an entry as a working student - as a student at ALDI SÜD you will gain valuable professional experience, make contacts and lay a solid foundation for your young career.  

An overview of entry opportunities for students: 

BA/MA thesis in the International IT department 

Studies coming to an end and on the lookout for a practice-based topic for your Bachelor or Master’s thesis? ALDI SOUTH’s international IT department offers students specialising in information technology exactly that opportunity, and in several areas. We are also open to individual topic suggestions. Feel free to approach us with your topic ideas and gain direct insights into the multifaceted IT world behind the retail industry. 

In addition to support from experienced IT experts, you’ll also receive an above-average salary.

Internship in the International IT department 

Gain an insight into our IT world – while you’re still studying. It’s all possible with an internship in our international IT department. Internships can range from between four weeks to six months. Of course, we pay you for your work. We promise that you will learn a lot. You’ll gain an insight into our internal processes, be involved in exciting projects and get to know our various system solutions. If you enjoy your time with us, we’d be happy to see you again when it comes to writing your thesis. 

Working student positions 

Why wait when you can make a start during your degree? We’re talking about working for us for up to 20 hours a week alongside your studies. You will support the specialist IT teams in their daily tasks – as a true team member in an international work environment. 

Depending on what you want to specialise in, you might take on responsibility for analysing and resolving technical problems, researching IT topics or setting up workstations and networks, for example.

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