Application documents

What documents do we need from you?

We want to get to know you! And your application documents are the first step in doing that. You don’t need to provide a cover letter. You can upload all other documents to our application portal – preferably as one file. What documents are required for a complete application? We’ve summarised it for you.
  1. CV
  2. Certificate of the highest educational level achieved (e.g. apprenticeship, Bachelor/Master degree)
  3. If applicable, the current grade sheet, if your final leaving certificate is not yet available
  4. Job references 
  5. Other relevant certificates 
Application process

The application process at ALDI SOUTH IT – making applying easy.

When it comes to applying for a job at ALDI SOUTH IT, we want to make it nice and easy for you. Here’s an overview of the most important things you need to know about our application process.

Application via online form

All you need for your application is your CV, the final certificate of the highest form of education you have completed and any other relevant certificates. You don’t need to provide a cover letter.

Recruiter interview

If we like your application, you will receive an invitation to a initial virtual meeting with one of our recruiters.

Face-to-face interview

In the next step of the application process, we invite you to an interview with the department. You will then hear back from us within a few days.


If you successfully complete the interview stage, you sign the contract and will go through our individual onboarding process.

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What we're looking for, what we have to offer

Working in IT at ALDI SOUTH is more than just a job. Whatever you decide to do, you can expect more than just a professional challenge. You will also be working for an employer who recognises and fuels your passion.

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