Why starting your career at ALDI SOUTH is the right move.

Have you completed high school, a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, and are looking to kick-start your career? ALDI SOUTH offers a wide range of opportunities for a successful start of your professional life or for your further professional and personal development. 

As a career starter or experienced professional in our international IT, you have the option of choosing either the Project or the Expert Track. The Expert Track, on the other hand, is also open to all national IT employees at staff level.

Project Track 

Are organisational skills, controlling and analytical thinking your strengths? Then our Project Track could be perfect to kick-start your career or continue your professional development.  

Want to be involved in international projects of all sizes right here from Mülheim an der Ruhr? As a Project Associate or Project Manager, you will take care of everything from managing requirements and overseeing release management to managing part or all of a project. 

Expert Track

Your initial tasks as an IT Professional in our international or national IT department will include providing technical support, software support as well as receiving, analysing and solving incoming incidents.

Further positions in detail:

  • IT Engineer: A possible next step would be to progress to the position of IT Engineer. As an IT Engineer, you will come up with solution concepts for the development and introduction of new methods, procedures, processes, standards and technologies for ALDI SOUTH IT. 
  • IT Consultant: Another possible career progression could be to become an IT Consultant. IT Consultants take on the role of in-house consulting. Preparing complex security assessments including system analyses of individual departments, preparing complex contracts and developing and implementing concepts on specific specialist topics are all part of your job.
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