Data is in our DNA: the ALDI SOUTH universe now has its own Data & Analytics unit

To reflect the vital role played by data analytics at ALDI SOUTH and to increase awareness of the importance of data in our group of companies, we have set up our own organisational unit. Our mission is to drive forward the topic of data and analytics for the ALDI SOUTH Group and along our value chain.

Our organisational unit, ALDI Data & Analytics Services GmbH (ALDI D&A), unlocks data-based value for the entire ALDI SOUTH world.  The unit delivers comprehensive insights for products and stores, for example, and connects all initiatives in the field of data and analytics. This helps to increase data consistency and transparency for the entire ALDI SOUTH Group. Furthermore, ALDI D&A supports the company in addressing current trends and new business models so that it can react to changing customer needs and market conditions.

Data has a better idea: how we leverage the opportunities of data analysis

We utilise the opportunities offered by data analytics in a number of areas: our growing team at ALDI D&A continuously assesses a wide variety of business areas such as core range optimisation, pricing and sales promotion, or forecasting and replenishment. For example, we always know how many packs of spaghetti should be on our shelves – as Daniel Schiffner, head of the Global Data & Analytics Transformation Office, reveals in the ITCS Pizzatime podcast

In our D&A activities, we have a global mindset with a local focus. This means that all of our solutions address challenges in at least one of our national business entities. This happens through the development of customised solutions that are easy to implement and generate value for our local business. This is achieved by developing and prioritising use cases that on the one hand will make a big impact and on the other are realistic for the business group. We build a solid foundation through the use of state-of-the-art tools to improve data quality, availability and collaboration in this context. In this way, we create unique and holistic solutions based on reliable data. 

How Data & Analytics fits into the ALDI SOUTH universe

As an independent business unit, ALDI Data & Analytics Services GmbH is a powerful entity that brings together data expertise and the best talents under one roof. With the “hub-and-spoke model”, ALDI D&A functions as a hub, leading the data and analytics strategy and initiatives in close collaboration with the national business entities – or the spokes, so to speak. Thanks to close coordination, it is possible to identify and refine local needs. The “use-case squads” then bring a range of roles and skills together to develop the required use cases that were identified as a priority. 

Working in agile teams enables us to respond quickly to new requirements and develop solutions in an iterative approach. As part of a strong community, cross-functional teams are brought closer together to strengthen collaboration and learn from each other. ALDI D&A supports the other areas of the company in adopting and applying data analytics in day-to-day business. Find out more about the daily work of the ALDI D&A unit in one of our videos from the “Deep Dive” series.

Help us shape the future of retail

Do you want to help us fully leverage the opportunities of data analytics? We are always looking for talented individuals who are motivated to help shape how we as a retailer extract insights from data and collaborate on a global basis. Take a look at our job openings and apply now!

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