New on board at ALDI SOUTH IT: “I’ve never encountered a standstill here”

Anyone who applies to ALDI SOUTH IT goes through an efficient application process, which both sides benefit from. Stefan talks about his first few weeks at ALDI SOUTH IT. 

Stefan, could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you came to work at ALDI SOUTH IT?  

Stefan: I began working at ALDI SOUTH IT after completing my studies and 13 years of service with my previous employer. I was looking for a challenge within an international environment, with exciting projects and a reliable employer. It was not only during the coronavirus crisis that I became well aware that I had found everything I was looking for at ALDI SOUTH. One of the things that attracted my attention was the personal recommendation of a former fellow student who has now become my work colleague.  

How did you find the application process?  

Stefan: ALDI SOUTH IT put a lot of effort into the application process. It is important to the company to closely examine whether the applicant matches the company and vice versa in order to ensure that the pleasant and cooperative atmosphere in the team is maintained.  

What made you think that? 

Stefan: For example the fact that ALDI SOUTH invests in a psychological test from Manager level upwards, which offers every applicant added value for the future even if their application is not successful. 

Your application was successful – you have been part of our Server Management team since the beginning of 2020. What exactly is your role?  

Stefan: I am responsible for six employees with whom I jointly maintain the application servers and file services of our legacy environment.  

What challenges are you currently facing? 

Stefan: Our greatest challenge is transferring operational business activities to an external partner in India and the resulting process of finding the right level of service for us. We want to outsource tasks that have become a kind of “commodity” nowadays and profitably invest the capacities gained in new projects. A particular aspect is the cultural difference.  

How does ALDI SOUTH support you in overcoming this hurdle? 

Stefan: On the one hand, we receive intercultural training, and, on the other hand, we are in daily exchange with our new “colleagues”. I believe, communication is key.  

Which tool do you mainly use for this purpose? 

Stefan: MS Teams has currently become our central communication platform. There are fewer unsuccessful attempts to call and e-mail traffic has also decreased. Holding video conferences via MS Teams helps us get to know each other more personally, even across borders. 

You already have a lot of work experience. What do you think is special about ALDI SOUTH IT? 

Stefan: A major advantage in comparison to other companies is the size and diversity of ALDI SOUTH IT, as each individual can devote themselves to new topics, get to know previously unknown areas or learn about new technologies. 

How would you describe your new employer after the first few months? 

Stefan: So far, I’ve found ALDI SOUTH IT to be an exciting, reliable employer. I’m working in an international environment with many interesting challenges, there’s a great working atmosphere, good work-life balance and fair remuneration. I would describe the company’s approach as well-considered, innovative and progressive, because I have never encountered a standstill here.  

Stefan, many thanks for your insights and all the best for your career at ALDI SOUTH. 

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