SAP Commerce: 13 nations working on one platform

Creating a standardised template for new online shops and e-commerce solutions is a challenge. Pascal from the Customer Touch Point Platform department tells us what this is all about. 

Pascal, tell us about yourself. When and why did you join ALDI SOUTH? 

Pascal: I’ve been working at ALDI SOUTH since November 2019. I joined our company primarily due to the challenge of being involved in a large, international e-commerce project. I have many years of experience in this kind of project, however, from the perspective of a consultant and system integrator – thus, this change in perspective came in very handy. 

What is your project, what exactly do you do? 

Pascal: I am responsible for the technical implementation of the online shop platform based on the SAP Commerce – formerly SAP Hybris – solution. In this context, I am responsible for planning the integration of backend and frontend solutions in collaboration with the architects of the other platforms. It is up to me to help find a compromise between technical feasibility and cost effectiveness. 

What is the aim of this project? 

Pascal: Our aim is to create a standardised, global template for all national business entities, which describes how various best-of-breed software solutions are integrated into each other, thus ensuring a short time-to-market for new online shops and other e-commerce solutions. 

Sounds exciting. What is the particular challenge here? 

Pascal: The biggest challenge is cooperating with various external system integrators. With a total of 13 participating nations, the project is very international. Of course, this also sometimes bears the risk of gaps in communication. However, defined processes and a toolset designed for collaborative work help to prevent such problems. 

How important is communication within the company and how does it work? 

Pascal: Communication is extremely important. Passing on information transparently to colleagues is crucial for the success of a project. Depending on the situation and urgency, this communication takes place either within the scope of a face-to-face conversation, via Microsoft Teams or via e-mail.  

And at international level? 

Pascal: For an international project like this one, that’s of course essential. Be it the HOFER colleagues from Austria, the British colleagues at domain level or the colleagues from globally operating service provider teams – permanently liaising with these colleagues is an important part of our daily work. 

How do you perceive your cooperation? 

Pascal: The work in our team runs efficiently. Regardless of career level, all colleagues can discuss and act on an equal footing. Input from interns is valued just as much as from Managers. Even though the ALDI SOUTH IT has a reputation for being “old-fashioned and conservative”, the truth is quite different: flexible working hours and a modern management style combined with interesting projects are the order of the day. Simply a professional environment where it’s also nice to meet up with colleagues after work. 

How flexibly can you work at the ALDI SOUTH IT? And how important is this to you? 

Pascal: I can structure my work extremely flexibly, which is even surprising given the company’s reputation. This has been particularly evident during the coronavirus pandemic. Even before official warnings were issued, technical precautions were already being taken to ensure that all employees could work from home. Throughout the entire lockdown period and whenever necessary, e.g. when childcare was not available, employees were even encouraged to work from home. 

What actually distinguishes the ALDI SOUTH IT from other employers? 

Pascal: Unlike “classic” pure IT service providers, the ALDI SOUTH IT is more employee-friendly in terms of benefits, remuneration and working hours. But that doesn’t mean that the projects and activities are any less challenging. 

Define the ALDI SOUTH IT in three keywords. 

Pascal: ... goal-oriented, considerate and diligent. 

Pascal, many thanks for this interview and we wish you every success with your project. 

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