ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY: Your companion for personal and professional development

Learning new skills, brushing up on old knowledge – implementing important aspects in private and professional lives. This is why ALDI SOUTH provides additional training to all of its employees in order to accompany them from the very beginning of their individual development path.  

Since 2016, the ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY has been providing employees with the opportunity to learn new skills in IT training, communication courses or management seminars throughout their entire professional life. And that completely free of charge.  

No matter whether you are a specialist or a managerial employee, a career starter or an experienced professional – there is a compulsory training programme tailored to the needs of every group of employees at ALDI SOUTH, which you can complete at the ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY. This means that every employee is aware of which training courses are due in the next five years right from their first day at ALDI SOUTH. To ensure that you do not miss any courses, the responsible HR team will sent you an invitation via e-mail in good time. 

The ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY offers both basic training courses and advanced seminars, which are based on the former and for which certain basic knowledge is required. An example for this are practical training courses on project management. These can only be attended if the basics of project management have already been learned at internally or externally. 

In addition to the compulsory programme, employees also have the opportunity to attend on-demand seminars such as language courses. The ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY also offers certification courses for various IT specialisations (including ITIL Foundation Level, ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level, PMP (PM), Scrum Master and Product Owner). In principle, such training should be related to the employees’ working environment. However, employees may also attend non-subject-specific training – following consultation with their line manager and the responsible HR team. 

All in all, the programme of the ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY is very diverse: In 2019 alone, we offered over 70 seminars on a wide range of topics from the areas of project management, leadership, intercultural competence and IT certification, resulting in almost 600 training courses. Among them are also extraordinary events, such as an intercultural training for India. A new addition is an e-learning programme, which comprises more than 3,000 general courses and more than 8,000 SAP courses.  

Training is offered to all employees working at the international office location and to those working at our national IT department. All costs incurred within the scope of the ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY will be borne by ALDI SOUTH. The courses take place all year round. IT training, communication courses and management seminars are even held during working hours. For on-demand seminars, language courses and certifications, employees usually have to log out. 

We constantly further develop and optimise the training portfolio offered by our ALDI SOUTH ACADEMY. In the future, our employees will be able to design their own further training programme more flexibly and individually.  

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