Interactive live streams in our IT job advertisements: ranked first at the Trendence and the HR Excellence Awards 2023

It is very important to us to provide you as an applicant with authentic insights into the work at ALDI SOUTH IT. For this purpose, we launched our live stream series “aldi.deepdive(live)”, where we embedded interactive live streams in our job advertisements during a campaign week at the beginning of August. It was a great success!

The series seems to have struck a chord with IT professionals like you. We saw an enormous level of interaction within the streams with countless comments and messages. An independent jury of experts was also enthusiastic: thanks to the series, we have now been ranked first both at the Trendence Awards 2023 and at the HR Excellence Awards 2023.

At the beginning of October, this year’s Trendence Awards were ceremoniously presented in Berlin. The HR Excelence Awards 2023 followed a month later. And we were there! The awards acknowledge the best projects in the areas of employer branding, personnel marketing and recruitment each year, both for groups of companies and SMEs. For us at ALDI SOUTH IT, there’s more than one reason to celebrate: thanks to our live stream series “aldi.deepdive(live)” we were ranked first in the category “Innovation of the Year” at the Trendence Awards. With this project, we were also nominated in the category “Best Candidate Experience” where we were ranked second. At the HR Excellence Awards, we were awarded even in two categories: "Innovation of the Year" and "Candidate Experience".

To view the winning project, we recommend our case video.

“We are proud that the great work of our HR teams has been recognised in this way by an independent jury”, says Dave Godschalk, Managing Director IIT Corporate SharedServices, happily. “The success at this year’s Awards encourages us to continue pursuing innovative strategies to offer interested candidates the best possible experience in the application and recruitment process,” adds Christina Marpe, Director HR Talent & Communication.

Why are we particularly happy about this success? Because by embedding the interactive live streams in our job advertisements, we aimed to provide you as an applicant with authentic insights into the work at ALDI SOUTH IT. We would like to reduce the application hurdles for you and ensure a personal atmosphere right from the start. In the live streams, you were able to ask questions to colleagues from ALDI SOUTH IT and interact directly with them. In total, there were three streams available to you in the relevant job advertisements: “Facing the customer” with Sabine and Pascal (primarily for IT architects), “The IT in our stores” with Lennart and Wolfgang (primarily for developers) and “Agile by nature?” with Marcella and Julian (primarily for agile experts).

In the three streams, we broadcast a total of 212 minutes and 9,740 viewers tuned in live. We received a total of 1,110 social media reactions, 285 comments and a whopping 78 questions. We answered almost all of the questions live on camera. And some of the audience members actually applied for a job afterwards. We are very happy about these successes. We are all the more pleased that our commitment to always focus on you as an applicant has also been recognised by an external and independent jury of experts.

We are currently working on how we can continue our live stream series. Naturally, the campaign week in August should not remain an isolated incident. So, stay tuned for what happens next. If you missed our live stream series, you can watch the episodes here:

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