Juggling projects – in the office, from home and worldwide

Working at ALDI SOUTH IT is anything but monotonous. Meetings alternate with mobile working, and project work in Mülheim a. d. Ruhr with exciting business trips – Alexander talks about his everyday work.

Alexander, you work in the Architecture & Integration department and as a Domain Architect, you are responsible for the Finance & Administration department. What are you currently working on?

Alexander: I am currently involved in the Finance department’s Global Facility Management (GFM) project and we have just launched the Application Portfolio Management (APM) in the UK and Ireland. Within the scope of this initiative, representatives of the relevant country (from IT and business) examine the national IT landscape with a view to international integration. The GFM project aims to implement a new facility management software in all ALDI countries, which, among other things, can be used to monitor our IoT assets in the stores (e.g. chest freezers). This software also needs to be integrated into our system landscape, and we are currently examining four providers.

So you must travel a lot?

Alexander: Yes. Before coronavirus also internationally. All travelling is suspended at the moment, but I hope that things will change again soon.

Where did you go on your last trip?

Alexander: On my last business trip, I spent 14 days in the USA to support the colleagues in Aurora near Chicago. We implemented APM there with colleagues from the Finance department, National IT and the US business operations, and analysed the IT landscape and its individual applications.

Sounds exciting. What does your regular working week usually look like in Mülheim?

Alexander: Well, why don’t I just give you a list.

  • Monday: mobile working from home, jour fixe with the Strategy & Alignment team, internal coordination within Domain Architecture, jour fixe on the target architecture for F&A
  • Tuesday: jour fixe with the Finance Central team, architecture evaluation of project requests, solution blueprint for GFM
  • Wednesday: APM workshops with the UK and Ireland, solution blueprint for GFM
  • Thursday: vendor selection meetings for the GFM project, jour fixe on the target architecture for F&A
  • Friday: mobile working from home, A&I internal alignment meeting, solution architecture alignment meeting, architecture assessment of project requests

And now a typical workday, please.

Alexander: A typical workday looks like this:

  • 8.15am: coffee first (always)
  • 8:30am: stand-up meeting with my colleagues
  • 9:00am: architecture evaluation of project requests
  • 11.00am: jour fixe with the Central Team of the department
  • 12:00 noon: lunch
  • 1.00pm: coordination meeting with the Solution Architect
  • 1.30pm: jour fixe on the target architecture for F&A
  • 3.00pm: GFM project coordination

Are there any fixed meetings that are repeated every week?

Alexander: Yes, various jour fixes and project coordination meetings with the department or individual colleagues from the departments, e.g. solution architecture alignment. And we also have internal team and departmental meetings.

Are you free to organise your working hours?

Alexander: Basically, I am able to freely organise my working hours. The fixed meeting dates provide a framework, but leave enough flexibility for private appointments.

What’s the percentage of working remotely?

Alexander: One or two days a week, I work from home as part of mobile working. This is very helpful, because it is easier to take care of the children – we have two.

That sounds good. What do you appreciate about ALDI SOUTH IT as an employer?

Alexanxer: I appreciate the open interaction with colleagues and superiors. And that individual problems are addressed. The exciting topics and the international work, before coronavirus also travelling. And, of course, that ALDI SOUTH as an employer provides many benefits to its employees. In addition to further training and mobile working, benefits include flexible working hours and fruit and drinks, which we can enjoy for free at the office at any time.

Thank you for your commitment, Alexander, and good luck!

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