Simple but smart – our philosophy for simplifying business processes

There are many things a modern system landscape should be – and one of them is not being overloaded. This is why we have SAP S/4HANA at the core of our operating system at ALDI SOUTH IT. It’s an investment with added value – for our colleagues and customers alike. 

For us, just being fit for the world of tomorrow isn't enough. At ALDI SOUTH IT, we want to take the future into our own hands and be prepared for the challenges of today and of tomorrow. That's why we are creating a new system landscape that is integrated, standardised and state-of-the-art. 

Simply thinking ahead 

One technology that offers efficient support here is SAP S/4HANA – the “S” stands for “simple” and the “4” stands for the fourth generation of the system. And that's exactly what it's all about: We want to make all processes throughout the ALDI SOUTH Group simpler, harmonised, and as modern as possible. It's not just our customers who will benefit from this, but also our colleagues around the world. 

The SAP S/4HANA system integrates all ERP functions, meaning all material and value flows. Carefully selected SAP systems and non-SAP systems are added on to provide specialised and detailed support for all processes.  

The SAP universe at ALDI SOUTH IT 

Our 20 integrated SAP solutions also include SAP Ariba and SAP MDG. These systems are responsible for mapping all of our buying and master data processes. SAP CAR stores all individual sales receipts that are generated each day in our stores. SAP PO acts as a key middleware technology and helps us to design and implement integration points for all areas, ranging from the supply chain to our customer-centred processes.  

To monitor the individual SAP solutions, we use SAP Solution Manager. This control centre is also an important tool for further developing our SAP systems and the associated IT processes. 

The best decision for the most added value 

Together with its satellite systems, SAP S/4HANA will make it possible for us to conduct detailed data analyses and to utilise the results to make the most effective decisions. Combining a number of different specialised systems ensures that goods are supplied when and where they are needed and in the right quantity. This allows us to offer our customers exactly the products they need and create real added value. 

However, before we reach this stage, the experts at ALDI SOUTH IT are making sure we have a clean foundation for the new processes, aligning these with the needs of our customers and colleagues and staying in regular contact with the IT teams in the individual national corporate offices. 

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