Digitalisation in retail is in full swing and, naturally, for us this has also created new and exciting opportunities for change. Specifically, this means evaluating all our existing processes and systems and redeveloping them where appropriate. This is a mammoth task facing our International IT within the framework of the ///AHEAD project. In this project, we are laying the foundation for our digital future, which will make us more flexible and efficient in our responses to changes in the market. Obviously, a project of this size involves many exciting initiatives where you, as a part of something truly great, can come into play.

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ALDI SOUTH is carrying out one of the largest IT projects in the company’s history

We live in a volatile world in which technologies develop and change rapidly, where competition increases constantly and where the needs of our customers change continuously. We are responding to these developments. ///AHEAD is the global transformation project that will adapt our IT systems and business processes to suit the digital world. With representatives from all ALDI SOUTH countries and a separate project team in Germany, we are all working together to create new global IT solutions and business processes for the ALDI SOUTH Group. These innovations will help us improve our customers’ shopping experience and make routine tasks more efficient. The project will ensure that ALDI SOUTH stays on top of changes in the food retail market and will, at the same time, simplify workflows and processes. We will achieve this through the following:

  • Deployment of market-leading standard technologies
  • More automation and integration
  • More intensive collaboration between business and IT departments
  • Faster time-to-market for our IT solutions and processes
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///AHEAD areas

We’re setting out on the journey to our digital future!

///AHEAD will affect all of our business areas at ALDI and all have one thing in common: a motivating and challenging working environment with a reliable, long-standing employer. Which area would you like to be part of?

Buying & Assortment

Our Buying & Assortment area is mainly concerned with the following questions: how can we collaborate with our suppliers more closely and efficiently? And how can we make the process of coming up with a product idea through to assessing the sale of the product even more efficient? Business processes and IT solutions, such as assortment planning, product tendering, drafting contracts and quality management, are designed in this area. For this purpose, we use technologies such as SAP S/4HANA Retail, SAP Ariba and Informatica P360. Exciting topics are combined with the latest technologies.


There is also demand for new, innovative technologies in our Stores area. How can we use these technologies to optimise processes in the stores? How can we make the work of our employees easier and, at the same time, improve the customer experience? New systems will reduce manual processes. This will simplify tasks and improve efficiency in the stores. It is a challenging and exciting area that addresses all IT solutions in our stores.

Customer Interaction

How can customers use our app most conveniently? Where can they find opening hours, videos and recipes? The Customer Interaction team finds answers to these questions and works constantly to optimise and make customer touchpoints more user-friendly. As well as acquiring new customers, the aim is also to fulfil the needs of our existing customers and, as a result, optimise the customer experience. The focus is on marketing, customer service, e-commerce and our digital presence. We are supported in these areas by systems from Adobe, Salesforce and Spryker.
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Supply Chain & Logistics

Our Supply Chain & Logistics area is responsible for optimising systems and workflows in the areas of product replenishment and transportation. This area monitors the development and integration of the new core Enterprise Resource Planning program. We use SAP F&R, SAP Fresh Add-on and SAP UDF to achieve more accurate forecasts in the areas of assortment, fresh products and specials. Parallel to this, we are also improving our systems and processes in the warehouse and transportation management. The new programs Manhattan WMOS and SAP TM, for example, are used for logistics.

Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration area is concerned with developing and introducing new systems in the areas of finance, accounts, property, tax and controlling and defining all the associated structures and processes. Comprehensive reporting and analysis possibilities are created on the basis of the generated (financial) data and new Business Intelligence systems. Here, we use systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, SAP RE-FX and Hadoop. It’s exciting to see how complex figures can be evaluated and combined to create recommendations for action.

SAP Application Center

How can we guarantee operation of our global software landscape in the future? And in what areas must we continue to develop our global template? These are the type of questions that are addressed by our SAP Application Center. We use a large bandwidth of SAP technologies here, such as SAP PO and Solution Manager.

IT Architecture

In the IT Architecture area, we lay the foundations for a modern, global application landscape based on standards but which still leaves room for flexibility. Here, we are creating the framework to optimise business processes and ensure company-wide integration on several levels. Signavio and LeanIX are the main systems used here.

Management Support

To carry out such a large project successfully, processes and guidelines are required for orientation. In addition to continuously developing these processes and guidelines, Management Support is responsible for classic project management activities, such as controlling resources and budgets across various projects. New project requests are assessed in terms of strategy, priority and capacity and, depending on the result, are included in the IT project portfolio.
As you can see, our different areas offer exciting opportunities in combination with the use of the latest technologies. You want to be part of something truly great, don’t you? Then, why not see if there is a job available in ///AHEAD that would suit you?