Parental leave and the Euro – ALDI SOUTH IT is a great place to experience

Over 20 years with ALDI SOUTH IT – an employer could hardly receive a better compliment. Daniela started out in the “electronic data processing” team in the 90s and remembers how her journey began. 

Daniela, could you briefly tell us your professional background? 

Daniela: I’d love to! I joined ALDI SOUTH IT in 1997 after completing my apprenticeship as an office management assistant. At that time, five of us formed the “electronic data processing” team and were responsible for a handful of systems worldwide. After a short excursion into the world of in-store IT and having been given the responsibility for the store PC at that time, I took on my first IT projects for the Central Buying Information System as well as today’s merchandise management system. The latter, I managed for 15 years before joining the “Country & Region Openings” expansion team in 2015. There, I again ensure that our IT systems around the globe are running smoothly. 

What tasks have you taken on since then? 

Daniela: I accompany openings of new regional corporate offices in existing and new countries and continue to work closely with business and IT departments worldwide. Every opening consists of several steps: We coordinate the installation of wide area networks and hardware, the connection of the infrastructure, the server setup and the installation of the required software applications.  

What is the biggest challenge in this context? 

Daniela: ALDI SOUTH now operates more than 7,300 stores all around the world, which are managed by around 90 regional corporate offices. So each regional corporate office is responsible for the smooth operation of up to 120 stores. What I do contributes significantly to making this happen at the time of the opening. The challenge here is that the structure of each region is unique and our IT must match the country-specific conditions. As a consequence, my job never gets dull. 

What do you particularly like about your job? 

Daniela: I find it exciting that we work together with many different nations and mentalities. This creates a good network within many divisions of the company.  
Which professional experience do you like to reminiscence about? 

Daniela: When I was 19, my first business travel for ALDI SOUTH took me to Great Britain. Afterwards I accompanied openings in countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland and Australia. Today, of course, many things are done via video calls, but my job is still as international as it used to be. 

What have been the biggest milestones for you so far? 

Daniela: From a system perspective, the most exciting events were the millennium changeover and the Euro currency reform. This required my full commitment in terms of IT support. From my personal point of view, the birth of my daughter was particularly moving. After my return from parental leave, ALDI SOUTH has given me excellent support. Today, I can continue to do what I enjoy doing while working part-time.  

What else do you appreciate about your work at ALDI SOUTH IT? 

Daniela: In addition to the varied activities, I appreciate the team spirit among my colleagues and the respectful interaction with each other. We are proud of every smooth opening, which we work towards together. My team and I have rolled out many projects that make work easier for all ALDI SOUTH employees. Some colleagues have even become friends. I am therefore really glad that I decided to start working at ALDI SOUTH.  

Thank you for these insights into many years of exciting work! 

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